Photographs of Fungi and Lichens

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BioImages, the Virtual Field-Guide for UK Bio-diversity BioImages, Malcolm Storey (UK)
Fungi and Lichens Biopix
Fungi Biodidac; University of Ottawa
Classes and Orders of Fungi Pat O'Reilly, First Nature
Galeria Micología Micologí­
George Barron's Website on Fungi George Barron's Website on Fungi
Pilze Volkers Pilz- und Pflanzenseite
Pilze im mittleren Niedersachsen (in German) Jörg Riedel
Pilze und Flechten Fotocommunity
Pilzgalerie Arbeitskreis Pilzkunde Ruhr
Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands San Francisco State University, Biology Department
Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles Department of Biological Sciences, SUNY Cortland
Forest Fungi The Hidden Forest
I Funghi del Trentino Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola
Fungi Images on the Net Flemming V. Larsen
Fungi of California MykoWeb
Fungi of New Zealand The Hidden Forest
Fungi of Poland P.H.U. Noris II
Harrys Pilzfotopage (in German) Harrys Pilzfotopage
Images of Indonesian Agarics San Francisco State University, Biology Department
Index of fungi pages or photographs on The Net Marek Snowarski
Macrofungi from Chile Götz Palfner
Mushrooms of North Carolina Duke University, Mycology Lab
Mushrooms of Tennessee University of Tennessee
The Phlegmacium Website Thomas Jeppesen
Photogalerie Pilzverein Region Baden
Photographs of Fungi on the Web Flemming V. Larsen
Photos de Champignons Société Mycologique de Strasbourg Eric Strittmatter und Philipp Duffner
Pilzbilder Galerie Andreas Gminder
Pilze im mittleren Niedersachsen (in German) Jörg Riedel
Pilze Pilze Pilze
Pilze von A–Z Pilzfinder
ToxInfo ToxInfo.Org
The Virtual Field-Guide for UK Bio-diversity; Fungi BioImages
Diseases Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Hypomyces Image Gallery (Ascomycota) United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
British Lichen Species Gallery Mike Sutcliffe
Flechtenbilder Felix Schumm
Foliicolous Lichens and their Lichenicolous Fungi The Field Museum
Forest Lichens The Hidden Forest
ITALIC – The Information System on Italic Lichens KeytoNature – Dryades
Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France Paul Diederich, Christian Ries & Société des Naturalistes Luxembourgeois
Lichen Images Ulrich Kirschbaum
The Lichen Photo Gallery University of Oslo, Botanical Museum
The Ways of Enlichenment Lichen Photogallery Ways of Enlichenment
Lichen Photos Biopix
Lichen Portrait Gallery
Lichen Species with Images Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria
Photos of Lichenized and Lichenicolous Fungi of Iran University of Tabriz, Department of Plant Science
Photography from the lichenological community
Lichens Tim Wheeler
Lichens Home Page Stephen Sharnoff
Líquenes de Chile
Irish Lichens Jenny Seawright
Lichens et champignons lichénicoles des Pyrénées-Orientales Mycologie et lichenologie en Catalogne nord
Pictures of Tropical Lichens André Aptroot and Laurens Sparrius
VICTORIA - Lichens from Northern Victoria Land (Continental Antarctica) University of Trieste
Cladonia in the Netherlands Laurens Sparrius
Slime Moulds
Forest Slime Moulds The Hidden Forest
Gallery of Myxomycetes Georgia Museum of Natural History and Julian H. Miller Mycological Herbarium
Japanese Myxomycetes (in English)
Japanese Myxomycetes (in Japanese)
Mycomycetes (in Spanish) Fernando Bellido, Micologí­
Myxomycètes (in French) Mireille Lenne
Myxomycota (Slime Moulds) BioImages, Malcolm Storey (UK)
Protozoan Pseudofungi - Slime Moulds (Myxostelida) Mycologue Publications
Photo Gallery of Myxomycetes Georgia Museum of Natural History and Julian H. Miller Mycological Herbarium
Schleimpilze – Myxomyceten Holger Müller
Pathogenic Fungi
Mycology Image Library University of Wisconsin
Pest and Diseases Image Library (PaDIL) Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry